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Join One Survivor's Fight Against Terrorism

23 May 2012

Join One Survivor's Fight Against Terrorism

Global Survivors Network - Speaking truth to terror

Join One Survivor's Fight Against Terrorism

Waqar Khalid was walking across his university campus when he looked a suicide bomber in the eye. A moment later, the terrorist blew himself up. 

Since the attack, Waqar and other survivors in Pakistan have teamed with Global Survivors Network (GSN) to create SCREAM Against Terrorism, a group dedicated to educating Pakistanis about the human costs of terrorism. By highlighting the horrific experiences of survivors, we illustrate the human costs associated with attempting to resolve grievances through the use of violence directed at innocents. 

Now Waqar needs your support

Without adequate funds for our endeavors, GSN will no longer be able to support Waqar and so many other survivors around the globe in their efforts to speak truth to terror. Please help us to make sure they are not silenced.

You can watch a video of responses to Waqar’s seminars here and see the profound impact just one survivor’s story has made in the lives of thousands of young Pakistanis.

Waqar SCREAM still

“Our purpose is to spread awareness about the miserable effects
of terrorism and stimulate a change in the minds of the individuals to
stand against all sorts of terrorism and extremism.” - Waqar Khalid

Click here to donate now- even $5 makes a big difference to support people like Waqar.

Together we can take a stand against extremism and create the safer, more secure world we all hope to live in.